Published on . Written by Casey Roberts, Senior Editor

“I was told that my baby had just died and that was a lot to process. For months, I was on antidepressants to manage the grief and emotional stress” - HeYoung
“HeYoung had become a bad role model for young women in Korea” - Pageant Organiser
"There wasn’t anything out there that I haven’t tried, but nothing worked for me, I felt hopeless...” - HeYoung
“We had a 93.7% success rate with our test subjects which is incredibly effective. I’m confident that LunaTrek will also help HeYoung.” - Dr. Kim
“When I first stepped on LunaTrek™, I felt a prickly sensation running through my feet.” 
“After using it for a day while at home, I instantly felt a wave of energy rising up from my feet to the head.” 
“I immediately got back into training and suddenly offers were just piling up - from acting, dancing and singing!”